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CiviCRM is a fantastic tool for non-profit organizations to maintain a database of contacts-such as supporters and donors, organize events, accept online donations, and more.

With CiviCRM, every thing is customizable! We can help you set things up to ensure it fits your  organization’s needs. 

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Contact Managment.

Well-managed contacts are the building blocks of solid relationship management. CiviCRM allows you to build a complete profile around your contacts. Interact with the individuals and organizations that support your mission via one database:

  • Donors
  • Subscribers
  • Program & Event Participants
  • Volunteers
  • Grantors
  • Voters

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Robust Reporting

Create reports from pre-existing templates or create entirely new custom reports. CiviCRM reports allow you to:

  • Configure reports with relative date ranges
  • Create reports as print-friendly HTML or downloadable PDF formats
  • Export as CSV
  • Add report results to a given group for case management (eg: send email, create mailing lists)
  • Automate report delivery to one or more recipients via e-mail
  • View the data in a table OR as a Bar chart or Pie chart
  • Limit access to a specific sub-set of your users

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CiviCRM allows you to create as many fundraising campaigns as you need using multiple contribution forms. These contributions forms include:

  • Pledges
  • One-time Donations
  • Recurring Donations
  • Tribute Donations
  • In-Kind Donations
  • Membership Payments

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CiviCRM allows you to create event registration pages and record a constituent’s attendance to their activity record. You to easily create registration pages for free and paid events. With CiviCRM you can:

  • Create event registration forms
  • Automatically generate registration confirmations and receipts
  • Easily import and export participant data
  • Search for participants by event, event type, participant role, etc.
  • Allow users to export events to their personal calender

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CiviCRM offers a complete suite of communications tools allowing organizations to build subscriber lists and create effective mailing campaigns. Engage your supporters with e-mail campaigns and newsletters. Use CiviCRM to:

  • Collect subscriptions
  • Target mailings to any of your groups
  • Target or exclude recipients of previous mailings
  • Personalize your message via mail-merge
  • Schedule mailings for specific dates and times
  • Track recipient opens and click-throughs
  • Manage lists, bounces and unsubscribe requests
  • Easily import and export mailing lists

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Watch an Introduction to CiviCRM Webinar.

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