Frequently Asked Questions

What is Open Source?

Open Source Software is Software with it’s code made available to public for free, allowing anyone to contribute and collaborate to improve the product, usually the growth is heavily influenced by those who use it.

Why should I use Open Source?

Open Source products offer a flexible, sturdy, Variety of features that are comparable to main line products of similar function. Another advantage is that they are often offered in multiple languages.

Wait, if Open Source is free for everyone to use, will any confidential information I put into the apps be at risk?

No, while the base of the Open Source Software is free to use/modify. When we at Appcenter123 set it up for you, we configure the apps so that no one sees anything you do not want them too.

If Open Source Software are free, why should I pay AppCenter123?

Even though Open Source Software is free, they need to run on server infrastructure 24/7. This is where Appcenter123 comes in, We’ll install the app in our server, help you customize it to fit your needs, and fix any problems that arise!

Basic, Standard, Pro. Which plan should I choose?

Chose a plan fit for how much space you plan to use, Basic supports smaller companies, standard supports companies larger than basic, but smaller than Pro, and Pro supports the largest companies the best.

What does the Unlimited Plan entail?

Our Unlimited Plan is exactly what it sounds like, Unlimited space is offered for you to use for whatver kind of data you need to use our apps for (Contacts, media files, ect.)

If I have any issue with my app, What do I do?

Contact, and we will help.

I want to use a open source software you don’t have listed on your site.

Let us know! We’ll look at it and see if we can add it to our library of apps.

About Us Using Open Source Software has never been easier thanks to Appcenter123!

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